Sustainable Coastlines


What They Do
“We love our coasts and we work with our sleeves rolled up to keep them beautiful. We coordinate and support large-scale coastal clean-up events, educational programs, public awareness campaigns and riparian planting projects. We also help groups run their own events. Through these efforts we motivate volunteers and communities around Aotearoa and the Pacific to look after the coastlines we all love.”

-Sustainable Coastlines

Our Contribution
Here at Evans and Lee, we don’t take our beautiful country for granted and we know that it needs to be looked after to keep it perfect and clean – that’s why we have teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines – an organisation dedicated to looking after our shores. For every one of our boards sold, a donation is made to help run events, educational presentations to schools, and coastal clean-up operations.
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    Event Participants
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    Presentation Views
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Sustainable Coastlines Infrographic
Sustainable Coastlines Infrographic