Stunner Oceana

Stunner Oceana
Stunner Oceana

Stunner Oceana
Product Description
The V-Truck is the highest performing carving truck out there.
The unique 360 degree rotating front truck allows for full free motion of the front of the board while the back truck acts as your pivot point, just like the fins on a surfboard. Together these trucks allow a rider to use their upper body as they would surfing; pumping the board for speed, and leading with their shoulders to perform carving turns and cutbacks.
The Stunner V-Truck Black Out Deck is a smaller, lighter deck, making it easy to pump for speed rapidly, and accelerate quickly. It’s small size works well for younger riders.
Recommended for carving, moderate downhill, or if you are a rider shorter than 5’5″.
• SurfSkate V-Truck System
• V-Truck System
• Dimensions: 36” x 9 5/8″ x 3/8”
• Weight: 8lbs – Wheel base: 20 1/2″
• Traction pad with kick
• Abec 5 bearings
• 7-ply Maple deck
Sustainable Coastlines
Here at Evans and Lee, we don’t take our beautiful country for granted and we know that it needs to be looked after to keep it perfect and clean – that’s why we have teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines – an organisation dedicated to looking after our shores. For every one of our boards sold, a donation is made to help run events, educational presentations to schools, and coastal clean-up operations.
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