Jamie O’Brien Tahiti

J.O.B. Tahiti
J.O.B. Tahiti

Jamie O’Brien Tahiti
Product Description
Who is J.O.B.?
You might know Jamie O’Brien as a Pipeline local, being one of the youngest surfers to win a Pipe Masters, or maybe you know him from his own show, “Who is J.O.B.”
Jamie O’Brien is one of the most well known free surfers on earth for his skill at getting barreled at pipe, and crazy stunts like lighting himself on fire while getting shacked by massive Teahupo’o. Jamie brings out the fun in surfing, and never takes life’s adventures too seriously.
The JOB Pro Model has our longest wheelbase at 21.5 inches and also our widest deck. The wide deck provides for ample rail control, making really deep carves possible. (You can almost make the rails touch the ground). With super deep carves, the longer wheelbase creates a solid balance of stability and performance.
• SurfSkate V-Truck System
• Wheelbase: 21.5 Inches
• Deck Length: 34 Inches
• Abec 7s
• 65mm 78a Wheels
• Stomp Pad
Sustainable Coastlines
Here at Evans and Lee, we don’t take our beautiful country for granted and we know that it needs to be looked after to keep it perfect and clean – that’s why we have teamed up with Sustainable Coastlines – an organisation dedicated to looking after our shores. For every one of our boards sold, a donation is made to help run events, educational presentations to schools, and coastal clean-up operations.
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